Are We Complacent or Competent Accountant ?

  In last 2 years , we as chartered accountants has seen a vast change in the economy at both macro and micro level. Structural reforms in Taxation, Increased focus on compliance, formalization of economy and implementation of Insolvency and Bankruptcy code has created lots of new opportunities. Practice of Audit, Accounts, Taxation, Financial Planning […]

Robotic Process Automation in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

    Technology has amazed us always and with the current fast pace of changes it is easy to predict what is going to be the big hit next. Today India has 900 million people using mobile to connect, transact, consume video and other content and it is becoming a tool for making payments and […]

Change Management is Key Source of Professional Opportunity

  In 27th GST Council meeting government has clearly hinted to simplify GST compliance to meet their promise of “ease of doing business”. Our friends in application service provider ( ASP) industry are worried about the future of their “Sandbox” products with minimal value added features and business model created from the Total available market […]

Benami Transactions  Vs Unexplained Receipts, Expenditure and Investments

    Need to address following Questions:   What is Benami Transaction? What is Unexplained Receipts, Expenditure and Investments? Whether additions made as Unexplained Receipts, Expenditure and Investments can be termed as benami transactions. Whether Benami Act and ITA are supplementary or complimentary to each other? Whether the surrender of Income under ITA can be […]

AIM for AIM ?

Accounting and Auditing Profession has gone through many changes in the past but the Questions comes in the mind of every CA are 1. How Technology will impact me ? 2. How Structural reforms in India will impact me ? 3. Can I increase my professional status by embracing technology ? 4. Can I increase […]