SUCCESS SAUCE for Chartered Accountants

“Effort is necessary, Struggle is Not“– when my friend told me a new formula of success it made me think for long time that “Are we putting enough efforts as chartered accountant in right direction”? Okay, let me ask you few questions Do you believe that efforts are must for success and more efforts are […]

BlockChain Revolution and Chartered Accountants

  During my last meeting with a group of Chartered Accountant , we started debating on rise of Block Chain technologies world-wide. To my surprise , everyone was unanimous on one thing that “It is yet to be legalized in India and used by people to evade taxes”. But when I wanted to ask them […]

How Machine learns from Human?

Last week I read few media reports regarding Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Cognitive Computing and Internet of Things (IOT) and also observed lot of fear amongst the professional fraternity regarding “Machine replacing Human”. Fear seems globally so strong that even CEO of Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella is clarifying to media […]