Are We Complacent or Competent Accountant ?


In last 2 years , we as chartered accountants has seen a vast change in the economy at both macro and micro level. Structural reforms in Taxation, Increased focus on compliance, formalization of economy and implementation of Insolvency and Bankruptcy code has created lots of new opportunities.

Practice of Audit, Accounts, Taxation, Financial Planning and Business consulting is as old as our civilization but it has evolved over the years and now with advent of technology this evolution is faster than we imagine.

I am sharing with you that how every chartered accountant can leverage the new opportunities and prevent himself / herself to become a “complacent Accountant”.

Recognizing changing trends and responding to them in timely manner is the key of growth and survival for those who are sitting in the disruption zone. Most of repetitive tasks in our profession will be taken over by tools and bots and skill set who can handle them will be high in demand.

Everyone knows that technology will replace many tasks which are premium in nature and command high professional fees. But very few will tell that how to manage complacency? How to deal with the ever changing environment? How to bring focus in our life to achieve goals?

I am quoting 10 commandments narrated by reputed Coach Mr. Rahul Kapoor Jain in his famous book “work-wise” –

  1. Never Take Success for granted
  2. Never rest on your Laurels
  3. Never slow down
  4. Never Decrease your efforts
  5. Never give up
  6. Watch your back and see who is catching up with you
  7. Keep your learning curve moving vertically ( upskill)
  8. Adopt and adapt to change
  9. Add more value to your work
  10. Be creative in your approach

Stay fit, Stay focus and retaining your curiosity at high level will make you perfect professional, always high in demand and adding value to your Client’s business or in organization where you are working.

Our Brand CA is recognized because of hard work, passion and commitment put in by thousands of professionals since 69 years.  Being part of Brand CA you are already part of the privileged professional fraternity well recognized by Industry, Businessman, Government of India and various other countries wherein Indian Chartered Accountants has delivered exceptional services at the helm of affairs.

Arise, awake and do not stop till you achieve your goal. Do not let success of achieving milestone being complacency in your career, because you are not a “Complacent Accountant”,  you are a “Competent Accountant” .

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