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Chartered Accountants – Opportunity comes without Noise



Most of us put Alarm to wake up for office though it is daily routine but we find it convenient.

Now the Question is that how many of us put alarm for

  1. Getting out of office to spend quality time with family?
  2. Doing Meditation every day?
  3. Finding time to read and upgrade ourselves?
  4. Finding time for our friends without any agenda?

It is proved by scientist that monotony and lack of focus is the biggest reason of depressing behavior and person surrounded with negativity always spread negative vibes and push away opportunities that comes noiselessly.

In today’s digitally connected world, it is very easy to communicate, connect and transact with people sitting anywhere in the world.  Let’s examine how our profession of Chartered Accountancy has changed and new opportunities are emerging which can be looked into or implemented for professional success.

  1. Less is More– This is a nice gift by millennial generation to all of us. They believe in doing less to achieve more. If we can spend 50% of the time in planning what we should do and why we should do? What will work and what will not work? How we should do and what are the necessary tools and technologies to do the same thing faster and smartly?  We can save significant time in our life for many other productive things and this 50% planning can become a sure shot success when executed.
  2. Economy is Formalizing – Indian Economy is formalizing very fast and what was true yesterday may not be relevant today and will become redundant tomorrow. For every chartered accountant, it is a house keeping call and for those who are yet to see their practice picking up, it is a golden opportunity to focus on the challenges, Industry is facing in terms of dealing with change and present innovative thoughts as How you can become their catalyst for change and trusted business advisor. But for this one has to embrace change himself/herself and train his/her teams to align with the new realities.
  3. Technology is your Friend not an enemy – Chartered Accountants has unique capacities to read financials, understand numbers and make sense out of complex business jargons. Now with technology, we will see availability of information; data and detail reports will be much easier than before. So it is time to develop skills to read through the maze of data and information overload; we are heading towards. Those who will be able to use smart tools and make sense out of macro and micro data, Client reports, Market reports and present their independent views based on Data and not based on assurance only, will be most successful Auditors in future.
  4. Do not pass Judgments – Most of the time we lose our patience and curiosity to understand any new change or opportunity which comes into our fold. In meeting new people, always try to find out what wrong is going on in their life and see if you can offer them any solution or at least understand their problem. Listening is a very successful art to open up doors for new opportunity and for that matter every professional should keep free space with himself / herself to meet new people every day. Just think of saving any file in a hard disk which is already filled with data. Same happens with us when we keep ourselves suffering from OTP syndrome.


O Stands for Over Busy

T Stands for trying to do everything comes in our way

P Stands for pleasing everyone for no reason


I urge all chartered accountants to come out of this OTP syndrome and opportunities which are blessed by God everyday will start fructifying for you.

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Author – CA Sanjay Kumar Agrawal