Global Brotherhood

Global Brotherhood for Indian Chartered Accountants

“285000+ CAs with 160000+ members in Industry is big enough number worldwide to talk about pressing need of Global Brotherhood using AI based technology platform”

Today most of us use and swear by LinkedIn and this public platform charges INR 2500 per month for few premium services like connecting every member to every member. Premium features also include In-mail, Job posting, Sales Posting and view detail profile.

Just wondering why can be create a fusion  of Harvard / IIM/ Wharton style Alumni with LinkedIn like flexibility and BNI like network to be created as “Private & Exclusive “ Network to promote universal brotherhood among Indian Chartered Accountants.

Three Things this platform if created for all members and student as mandatory, will achieve for every members:


  1. Universal CPE platform with quick and easy approach to learn, connect, mentor and share opportunities, knowledge and cross referencing
  2. Global Exposure and experience available to open up plethora of opportunities for every CA aspiring for growth and giving back to his/her own fraternity
  3. Mobile based / desktop based intelligent Member Directory, helping members to share opportunities, rating, compliments and generate business opportunities for each other


ICAI should come up with complete innovation and design thinking to attract young talent to start practice or look for CFO like position early in their career as member in Industry. This platform will use latest technology, AI and machine learning to meet the evolving and growing need of professionals for quality content, tools, technology, job and business opportunity, learning and developmental needs and will be known for highly curated and monitored content which will pass all test of credibility, completeness, comprehension, concise and correct.  It will certainly bring Brand CA at global level and will be a true endorsement of infinite capabilities Indian CA has and need to be packaged well on Global Canvas to give birth to Indian CA firms and networks at par with Big4 in the world.

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