SUCCESS SAUCE for Chartered Accountants

“Effort is necessary, Struggle is Not“– when my friend told me a new formula of success it made me think for long time that “Are we putting enough efforts as chartered accountant in right direction”?

Okay, let me ask you few questions

  1. Do you believe that efforts are must for success and more efforts are required for more success?
  2. Do you believe that increasing your working hours is confirmed path of increasing income levels?
  3. Do you believe that young CA and Articles in your office today are not devoting enough hours on work?
  4. Do you believe that your clients could be serviced more if everyone in your TEAM works more?

When I travel and meet Chartered Accountants across Cities in small Town, the common complaint is around lack of professional opportunities and low income level even after passing CA for many years. Young CA are forced to do low paying jobs besides rigorous training of 3 years and adequate domain knowledge.

Those who are struggling in their practice, answer these questions affirmatively and believe that today profession of chartered accountancy is lagging behind with the formalization of economy and opportunities are moving to few Chartered accountants and not all.  Chartered Accountants who are successful already are attracting more success and there is unequal distribution of professional work.

My friend who came to me with a formula, which I call sure shot formula of success.  This formula requires intense training before you expect results but it is essential to share the formula for the benefit of Chartered Accountant Fraternity.


A x B x C x D x e = R

How many of us believe that e=R i.e. Efforts leads to Results?

Almost everyone answered affirmatively that effort is equal to result and that is why we focus on efforts and more efforts to get more results.

Friends, There are 4 other factors also which need to be multiplied together to yield success. It is not effort alone which gives successful result. In fact role of effort is very less when compared to other four factors for successful results. Otherwise people who are doing most of the hard work in this world should be most successful and rich.


Now let me reveal the secret sauce of success for you invented by Mr. Anant

A = Aspiration – If you do not aspire success it will not come to you

B = Best Practices – If you do not know the best practice, best results are impossible

C = Consistency – most important, even if you do little but do it every day, you will be successful one day.

D = Discipline in your life is essential for success – Time & Priority management and balancing it with your family, work, friends and yourself is important

If any of the ingredients is missing, then your efforts will not yield desired result and another interesting part is that stronger A, B, C or D will reduce your efforts significantly to achieve success.

Hope you will understand now that

  1. Efforts are must for success and but more efforts does not mean more success?
  2. Increasing your working hours will not increase your income levels?
  3. Young CA and Articles in your office should be trained into new ABCD of success on work?
  4. Your clients could be serviced more if your TEAM can multiply their efforts with A, B, C & D?

Another interesting fact I would like to reveal in my article today that A, B, C and D do not require any kind of course material, because they are part of Life Skills which can be taught by experts through training and developed by regular practice.

Ask yourself that how many hours of formal training or coaching you have taken to sharpen your Team’s skill to the new realities including yourself. On the Job Training is not sufficient to achieve the successful results.

Do not forget that “Efforts are necessary but Struggle is not “.


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