Global Brotherhood for Indian Chartered Accountants

“285000+ CAs with 160000+ members in Industry is big enough number worldwide to talk about pressing need of Global Brotherhood using AI based technology platform” Today most of us use and swear by LinkedIn and this public platform charges INR 2500 per month for few premium services like connecting every member to every member. Premium […]

21st Century Smart Chartered Accountant

  Did you meet him/her? Do you know what he/she does differently? Are you interested to become like him/her?   Indian economy is on the cusp of growth is undoubtedly true statement supported by our demand, demography and robust democracy. Indian Chartered Accountants are going to grow from 285000+ today to One million soon is […]

SUCCESS SAUCE for Chartered Accountants

“Effort is necessary, Struggle is Not“– when my friend told me a new formula of success it made me think for long time that “Are we putting enough efforts as chartered accountant in right direction”? Okay, let me ask you few questions Do you believe that efforts are must for success and more efforts are […]

BlockChain Revolution and Chartered Accountants

  During my last meeting with a group of Chartered Accountant , we started debating on rise of Block Chain technologies world-wide. To my surprise , everyone was unanimous on one thing that “It is yet to be legalized in India and used by people to evade taxes”. But when I wanted to ask them […]

How Machine learns from Human?

Last week I read few media reports regarding Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Cognitive Computing and Internet of Things (IOT) and also observed lot of fear amongst the professional fraternity regarding “Machine replacing Human”. Fear seems globally so strong that even CEO of Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella is clarifying to media […]

Affordable Technology – Boom for Chartered Accountants

  Affordable Technology for Chartered Accountants   Jash Enterprise was a third-generation wholesale business in crowded lanes of Sadar Bazar, Delhi. After Demonetization and GST, they hired a computer accountant to manage the increased work of compliance and agreed to increase the professional fees of their Chartered accountant by 20%. But after 6 month they […]

Preventive Litigation : A New Opportunity for Chartered Accountants

    Vivaan came into his father’s practice of Income Tax and Project financing after completing his Chartered Accountancy and Masters in Business Administration. He worked on few large client accounts for first 6 month and interacted with CFO and CEO who were managing large turnover, plants and huge manpower to cater domestic and export […]

Alexa, I need my money !

  Self serving moment in Banking started almost 40 years ago when ATM were introduced. Any Time Money or we call them Automatic Teller Machines, created a big threat amongst the Tellers who used to create some intelligence for Bank by interacting with Customer during his /her Branch visit. World today is moving towards De-humanizing […]

Chartered Accountants – Opportunity comes without Noise

    Most of us put Alarm to wake up for office though it is daily routine but we find it convenient. Now the Question is that how many of us put alarm for Getting out of office to spend quality time with family? Doing Meditation every day? Finding time to read and upgrade ourselves? […]

Life of a CA

  Ludhiana is an industrial town with lots of family owned manufacturing business houses and Dalbeer was lucky to be the first chartered accountant in his family of entrepreneurs. Being a studious fellow and avid book reader, Dalbeer wanted to start his private practice but his friends told him about challenges to establish a practice. […]