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  • Build Digital Infrastructure & common platform for 285000+ Chartered Accountant and 10 lakh+ Students for Future Growth of our profession.
  • Protect and Glorify Brand CA with Strong PR, focus on value system, strong peer review, government relationship and media management.
  • Implement mandatory minimum fees in letter and spirit to create equal opportunity for Chartered Accountants.
  • Make collaboration easy for growth of members in business, practice and entrepreneurship. Leverage implementation of international and national tie ups and MoUs
  • Develop Research Lab of ICAI accessible to all CA aspiring to grow with formalization of Indian Economy, Digital 2.0, Industry 4.0 and provide Free Incubation support to every aspiring member.
  • Encourage efficient implementation of existing curriculum and its complete overhaul to bridge the gap between skill required and skill available to Students and Members.
  • Start short term courses for members on Constitution, Litigation management, 4th Generation ERP, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning , Blockchain , Big Data and how they can leverage them to grow their practice in non-conventional areas of growth.
  • Create universal brotherhood among CA -by formalizing events, cultural & sports activities, offsites, international trips, pleasant & digital interface with ICAI Administration, Training for public & social life for Senior CAs, promoting young authors, public speaking opportunities and create deputation opportunities for government projects at Central, State and Local level.
  • Develop virtual mentor-mentee program to allow young CAs leverage collective experience of ICAI members with mutual consent facilitated by ICAI using technology to enable access for notified purpose of professional growth over every member.
  • Promote Startup culture and make CAs biggest job creator & progressive thinkers in the Indian ecosystem sitting on 50 Crore young population ready to change the face of India as global superpower. Create enablers for CA Entrepreneurs in any field by raising entrepreneurship seed fund.